Removing the Manhole Cover and Clearing Blocked Drains by Dalton Seilhymer

The manhole is one of the tools that cover the messy and stinky part of the drain. And if you would have to work on blocked drains then this would definitely be the first tool you will encounter and which you will remove. Despite the fact that this task will be one of those services that you would need to depend on experts on these kinds of services like boiler repairs, you can also do something if you want to act on it. 

Removing the manhole is the easiest part of the job. Though it may not be an easy feat especially with iron cover being heavy, you can use a screwdriver especially for rusted covers. For rusty covers, you only need to hammer the edge of the covers and take out the rusts. Moreover, if it still does not work, you can just tap the cover to release it from the whole. You can insert a spade on one side of the cover and raise it. Support the entire cover and slowly lift is aside. After that, you would then have to do the dirty job. 

You will easily identify the existence of blocked drains once the stench is much more than what’s normal. Once you remover the manhole, drains rods are more recommended to be used that a usual stick because these rods are more flexible and easy to use in these situations. Besides these rods, you could also make use of a mop if there is no choice. 

There are times when the rods are too short. In these cases, connect the two rods with a screw to make the rods longer. Continue mixing the clogs and loosening them up until you can feel like the blockage clearing little by little. After loosening the clogs in the blocked drains, the next step to do is to flush the chambers and as much as possible remove all the traces of clogs in the pipe or wherever it may be clogged. Make sure all the blocks are taken out from the pipe and flush out the channel every once in a while. 

If you are not up for the dirty job though, simply hire the help of the experts capable of doing even as complicated as boiler repairs.
Posted by Dalton Seilhymer on 25 August 2014, 10:15 AM
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